Can you please help with a sample for REST services call ( PUT or a POST method )

Need sample request for a REST PUT or POST call with snapshot. Thanks in advance!

Hi Ali,

It sounds like you need the ‘Create HTTP Reference’ operation which lets you set up the details of your endpoint as either a POST or PUT. You can then use a ‘Copy File’ operation to send information to the endpoint by using the name of your http reference (the Output Name in the ‘Create HTTP Reference’ operation) as the ‘Target Path’ parameter.

For information on parsing a reply from the REST service you can refer to Reading the response of a SOAP message POSTed to a server

Let me know how you get on!

Thanks for your prompt reply. However, I am stuck with security certificate error. Is it possible to bypass that …?

Hi Ali,

It depends why the certificate error is occurring. Is it because you have certificate based authentication, or a corporate proxy or you are using a destination site with a SSL certificate not in the global Certificate Authority approved list (as of 2019 supported in Java 8, specifically)?