Reading the response of a SOAP message POSTed to a server


I’m using the ‘Create HTTP Reference’ and CopyFile’ operations to POST an XML message to a URL (for example localhost:8080/webservice). That webservice then sends an XML response based on the message is was sent and I’d like ORQA to be able read and parse that response? Is that possible?



Let’s assume your task looks like this:


In the first step you’re reading your XML from a file and assigning it to eg “xmlFile”
In the second step you create the reference and assign to “post”
In the third step you copy your xmlFile into “post”, that will post the request to your service
In the final step you can read XML from the “post” and that will actually contain the response of the server. That’s assuming you’re expecting an XML back.

After that you can use any of the XML operations on the xml returned.

Awesome, I have that working now (it was an XML response) - pretty simple! thanks!