How to work with GIT repositories

First you need to clone the git repository you want to use:

  1. Press Ctrl+3 in ORQA
  2. Type Git into the search window, then click on Git Repositories (Git)
  3. You will see a new tab where you can click on the “Clone a Git repository” link
  4. Enter the location and credentials (if needed)

Then you need to install the cloned repository in ORQA:

  1. Copy the cloned repository to the current location of the ORQA Model in the filesystem. Just make sure the repository .git folder is in the Model top level path.
  2. Once that’s completed, just refresh the Model in ORQA and right-click on ORQA Model top level tree node > Team > Share Project…
  3. Confirm that it’s the repository you want to use

Once that’s completed, the Model will be ready to use the git tools.

i know this is a old topic, but it was the only one with the words “Git” in it. Why can’t one do a git clone in orqa and then have a working model?

Above example works but that leaves you with a inconsistent situation. Since you have 2 git repos active in your workspace. 1 in the git explorer view and another one in the Model (which is a different one!)

We should be able to git clone a repo directly into the “Model” folder (overriding the default folder it creates from a repo itself) with the option to overwrite since the default model has examples in there too.

Or is there a better way?