Reconciliation between Database and Excel

I am getting the error message “Expecting EOF, ‘2020’”, when I am trying to reconciliation in ORQA

Hi, we need a bit more information. Can you please tell me the following:

  • What kind of database are you connecting to:
    • What’s the ‘Connection String’ in the reconciliation datasource config
    • Are you using a custom database driver, or the one bundled with orqa? (e.g. did you have to add a new .jar file to the ORQA/drivers directory
  • What version / build number of orqa are you using?
  • Does this happen every time you run the rec or is intermittent?

It would be helpful to have a stack trace to see where the error is being generated. Could you please:

  • Open up the ORQA.ini file in a text editor and change the line ‘-Declipse.log.level=WARNING’ to ‘-Declipse.log.level=DEBUG’
  • Restart orqa and run the reconciliation again.
  • Go to the log view (views tab > logs) and you should see a stack trace similar to the following, please copy paste that and reply here.

!ENTRY orqa-reconciliation 4 0 2021-07-20 08:27:38.326
!MESSAGE Example Error
java.lang.Exception: Example Error
at org.ibboost.orqa.excel.ExcelReader$
at org.ibboost.orqa.recordset.RecordsetGenerator.internalGetHeader(
at org.ibboost.orqa.recordset.Recordset.getHeader(
at org.ibboost.orqa.reconciliation.model.table.FileTableHandle.getTableFromHandle(
at org.ibboost.orqa.reconciliation.model.table.TableHandle.getTable(
at org.ibboost.orqa.reconciliation.model.table.FileTableHandle.getRowCount(
at org.ibboost.orqa.reconciliation.execution.TableSet$
at org.ibboost.orqa.reconciliation.execution.TableSet$

Lastly are you able to eliminate either the DB or excel datasource as the problem? You could do that by doing the following:

  • Make a copy of your .rec file
  • Open up the copy and change it so that both the base data source and target datasource are the local directory config for the excel file
  • Go into your comparison(s) and change it so both the base and target options are configured for the excel file rather than the db table
  • Run the rec and see if it produces the error
  • Repeat the steps above but instead change the datasource / comparison config base and target to both point at the database table and see if it produces the error