SFTP operations

Is it possible to add SFTP operations in the library? I will soon work on a project where the automated batch needs to obtain files through SFTP.

We’re planning a new feature whereby for all I/O operations you will be able to choose the type of “filesystem” to be used for a specific operation. The filesystems we planning are: FTP, SFTP, ZIP and possibly SCP. It will be couple of weeks before we’ll get to this though.

+1 for being able to read files from within a zip.

Will other compression methods be supported like .gz and .tar.gz? I don’t have a use case for the non zip access yet but it will come in future.

We now have support for the below formats:

Copying from/to:

  • local drives
  • sftp
  • .gz files

Copy from:

  • http://
  • .zip
  • .tar (.tar.gz and .tgz)

There are some interesting scenarios you could easily implement with ORQA:

Read CSV file from a http, process and store in local XLS file
The steps in ORQA would be:

  1. Read CVS file from http://www.quandl.com/api/v3/datasets/YAHOO/INDEX_DJI.csv
  2. Filter data so you receive only data from the last 10 years
  3. Save to a local XLS file

Read CSV file from sftp location, process through a transformation and upload in XLS to another sftp location
The steps in ORQA would be:

  1. create gzip reference - sftp://host/file.csv.gz, name = gzipInput
  2. create gzip reference - sftp://host/file-new.xls.gz, name = gzipOutput
  3. read csv file from =gzipInput
  4. transform file (e.g. filter for certain values)
  5. write xls file to =gzipOutput