Testing reports from first principles

Let’s have a look at a practical example:

We can run tests on this data to check for errors.

For example, if we wish to make sure the people located in the City London have the correct corresponding country (United Kingdom), we do the following:

Firstly, we will filter the data to show the people located in London:

Now when you run this task you’ll get:

Next we wish to filter out the correct data, leaving only the incorrect rows:

We have now found our data contains one error in regards to the conditions we have set out.

We are also able to run a quick assertion test under a test case to display an error message if there is any incorrect data found. This is an effective way to alert the user their data contains errors, or contrarily does not:

Now when we run this, in the results viewer we get:

The assertion has failed meaning our data contains errors.

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