Transforming XML using XSLT in ORQA

You can do this by using the Read from XML operation and then dragging & dropping the xslt file into your task:

Assign the result of the transform to a variable - in our case a and use the variable in the next steps to process the results - e.g. write to another file

Hi @jan ,

Please pour in some guidance on my below request:

I need to try reading data from .csv file ( | delimited) and need to perform xslt parsing into a predefined xml file format and write into a xml file.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Selvakrishnan, is it a requirement to do the transform of the csv directly using xslt or would it be possible to build up the xml using the ORQA XML operations? Thanks!


Hi @jan, Thanks for your reply.

My requirement is to build up the xml (using the ORQA xml operations) out of the data available in csv file and the resultant xml will be post processed/imported further in the downstream system.

Many thanks!

It’s definitely possible. There is example in the Examples folder which comes with ORQA that does something similar:

However, it would need to be adopted to do exactly what you want. I can send you a worked example if you contact me direct at Thanks!


Hi @jan, Thanks much for this.

Im running through the examples folder.
I shall try with some possibilities and definitely seek your help for some worked examples available at your end.

Kind Regards