Web Automation help

I am trying to set up ORQA to go to every page in an Excel file which I have but it wont work and keeps going to “http://org.ibboost.orqa.execution.controlflow.iterationexecutor$recordsetmap/” (which is not part of the list I want to load from). Rather than the page I want. How can I fix this?

First give your excel sheet a variable name (i.e. mySheet) with the “assign to” field. Then create an iteration and use that sheet as the loop source “=mySheet”, for the loop variable name, call it “row” to get access to the rows. Then inside the loop use a “Go to Url” operation and as the target page use “=row.url” assuming all your the pages you wish to visit are in a column with the header url.

Awesome, it works! Thanks!